From hand-washing your ride in the dead of winter to taking the PCH when I-5 would do just fine, car-lovers are not shy about demonstrating how driving matters to them. Mazda feels the same way, and that’s why the carmaker is putting its money where its drive train is, and sponsoring the third annual Jalopnik Film Festival in LA on September 25 and 26.


Many of the featured films — from car-chase classics to how Paul Newman became a legit race-car driver — show why driving is about way more than just getting from point A to B. So how about you? Though they might not make it to the big screen, we bet you’ve got some equally awesome stories about the least justifiable things you’ve done for the love of a good car.

Take this one exec, who made a seriously lifestyle-impacting purchase:

“After my first promotion, I bought my first sports car — a Triumph. I could barely afford it and lived in a tiny studio apartment eating ramen for the next two years just to have that car. It was worth it.”


Or this speed freak, who went all-in on an expensive-to-maintain Supra:

“I could afford to buy it, but not to run it — it burned nearly a quart of oil per tank of gas. But I loved its futuristic look, and looked for any excuse to drive it, preferably on a curvy two-lane road.”


Or this outdoorsman, who was particular about the cleanliness of a friend’s truck — but not *all* of it:

“After mudding, I cleaned off just the tires and rims of my friend’s Bronco, leaving all mud on the paint, but with shiny tires for Friday night. Because mud was cool and so were shiny tires.”


We want to hear from you. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your car or truck? Ever worked two jobs to afford that new set of rims? Lost an entire summer to rebuilding an engine? Drove cross-country for the sole purpose of buying a new (used) car? Hit us with your best story in the comments.

Hunter Slaton is a senior writer for Studio@Gawker. He learned to drive in a stick-shift 1988 red Mazda 323 hatchback.


This post is a sponsored collaboration between Mazda and Studio@Gawker.

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